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The Nigerian National Volunteer Service (NNVS) is a volunteer management institution set up by the Federal Government to complement national development efforts through encouraging, harnessing, managing and effectively deploying volunteer services and activities of both Nigerians at home and abroad.
To establish, manage, and enhance volunteering systems that are organized, regulated, proactive, efficient, and responsive. These systems aim to elevate the standards of living and quality of life for citizens, fostering rapid social, economic, and cultural advancement in Nigeria.

Our Vision
Our vision is of a Nation where the spirit of volunteerism is celebrated and valued, where acts of kindness and service are not only recognized but also rewarded.
Our Principal Officers
Meet the driving forces behind our mission, our Principal Officers are more than leaders; they're visionaries dedicated to propelling our organization forward. With their diverse expertise and unwavering commitment.
Our Principal Officers
Frequently Asked Questions
Experience the joy of making a lasting impact on your nation. Volunteerism not only transforms communities but also enriches your life with purpose and fulfilment. Be a part of the change you want to see.